23rd April 2020

Tagged: News


Over the Easter weekend one of our web developers, QWeb, asked if we would get involved in an urgent branding project. With things being unsurprisingly quieter, and with the painting and gardening done, we thought: bring it on! 

A game development framework is going open source after the owner folded. Because ‘it's a bloody good piece of kit!’ it’s being saved from extinction by a passionate user community, who are working together to take over maintaining the software, with finance via crowdfunding tools like Github and Patreon. 

The added complication? It was called Corona. Not the best name, now, for a business, an app (or even a beer, if you believe the papers and social media). So the community needed a rebrand and came up with the new name: Solar 2D.

Which is where we came in... After developing five alternative ideas and presenting these back to the community via a ‘Slack' forum - alongside other suggestions from across the former Corona (now Solar 2D) community - we were shortlisted and then won the overall vote with the logo shown here. 

This is an abstract representation of the sun’s rays and also uses the solid lines to suggest a lateral framework – in tandem with warm and friendly colouring that would look striking on any background, plus an appropriately modern typeface.