23rd September 2020

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Over the coming year of COVID uncertainty, lots of GCSE and A Level students will need to prepare for their exams and further studies in completely new ways. Geography is a particular challenge, with fieldwork and first-hand investigation so integral to the discipline.

Just after lockdown began, our web partners QWeb were approached by the Geographical Association to design and build a website for these students - to launch in September, coinciding with the start of the autumn term. With dedicated GCSE and A Level sections, the website had to include course specific programmes to support in-class learning, as well as quizzes and a section for live tutorials and lectures. 

Faced with a demanding timescale and a tough critical market – today’s teenagers - Four by Four produced a design that mixed up the expected professionalism with a funkier ‘torn’ feature to highlight key headers and specific content such as quizzes and events. This was combined with the immediacy of a side scrolling mechanism to keep all content readily accessible on the page. 

The Geography Education Online website went live in the second week of September, with over 6,000 hits on Day 1!